Karaoke House is a karaoke system for your house, built with modern web technologies.

Even as modern technologies disrupt all kinds of entertainment like watching movies, listening to music, when it comes to karaoke, you still have to go to a karaoke studio or bar to sing your hearts out.

We thought it's time we bring the karaoke studio experience to your home, without compromises. You should be able to get a karaoke video screen on your TV, and use your mobile phone or tablet to select songs, as a remote control, and so on.

There are so many songs on Karaoke House! Do you have the rights to all of them?

The source of all the videos on Karaoke House is YouTube.

Technically, our app is simply a convenient interface for users to use their phone to search for songs, queue them up as a play list, and play the videos on their computer screen.

We don't store any of the videos you can find on Karaoke House, they are played directly from YouTube.

As such, if you have usage rights issues with any of the videos, you should find the video on YouTube and contact the uploader directly.

Does YouTube allow this?

YouTube provides a set of API for creating apps. All uses of the YouTube API in Karaoke House are within their terms of service.

Then can't I find the same videos on YouTube and have karaoke myself without this?

Sure you can, but we hope you'll find our mobile remote control and song search helpful in streamlining your karaoke experience!

Is Karaoke House completely free?

Yes. In the future, if Karaoke House becomes popular, we may include ad placements on different parts of the app to help pay for the servers.